Wednesday, July 30, 2003

So, I'm way behind on documenting my life, and I don't feel like backtracking all that much. I meant to sit down on Sunday evening and give a rundown on the weekend--Friday night: Habitat crew leader training; Saturday morning: Building w/Habitat; Saturday afternoon: taekwondo club picnic; Saturday night: Fever game; Sunday morning: fight with partner; Sunday afternoon: clean the entire house; Sunday evening: talk to two different friends on the phone--but I just never got to it. And working in close proximity to a man who isn't speaking to me over the past two days has done nothing to make me feel like sitting down and chatting with myself in my journal.

I don't know, sometimes it seems that life sucks, and then it goes and sucks some more. Mr. Land, my primary tkd/hkd instructor, had a massive heart attack on Sunday. It's Tuesday night, and he hasn't yet regained consciousness, so it's probably pretty stupid to try and convince myself, hey, everything's going to be fine. If I had remembered how fragile life is, I would have talked to him more on Saturday at the picnic. He was walking around w/out his shirt on, and Catherine was just saying that he looked so fit and healthy. Mr. Katz talked a bunch of kids into sneaking up and dumping water on Mr. Land while he was catching some rays, and we were all joking that he would be making them do push-ups to pay for it for the next two weeks. Well, I guess not.

I hate it that I'm tired, I hate it that I'm weepy, I hate it that I can't sleep, I hate it that I have to put up with an awful work situation, I just *hate* right now. And that's not particularly good for my own mental health, not to mention that of everyone around me.

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