Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Snaps to Susana for reminding me that Distance Education is a viable option.

I haven't been all that concerned with finishing this Design Technology degree. I mean, really, I have four degrees, do I really another, especially an A.A.? But it's creating a gap on my resume, and I think it's time to close it up. I can practically hear potential employers thinking, "Well, she's teaching architectural design, and she has practical experience with architectural design, but where is her formal training?" Listing out three years of design courses on a resume isn't a very elegant solution, so I tend to skip it completely and merely allude to it in my cover letters.

There are other reasons I haven't rushed out and finished off my course work. The scheduling at the local campus does not work with my schedule, I'd have to take two night classes and a day class this semester--how am I supposed to a) get a job; b) play with the band; c) go to tae kwon do? I have my priorities. Also, the electives I want to take to finish up aren't offered on the local campus.

Anyway, I figured out today that I can take my last five classes over the Internet from the Terre Haute campus. Four of the five are classes I actually would like to take--two architectural design courses, one structural detailing course, and statics. The last one is a speech course, and I'm amazed you can take it online, but there you go, the wonders of modern technology. Maybe it would be better to take some of these courses in person, but this way, when I need to cry over my Statics homework, I'll be all alone in my office at home and no one will see me.

So, by June, I'll be B.A., B.A., M.A., M.A., A.A. This is important because it will put me one degree up on my wife, and I need the ego boost.

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