Sunday, February 01, 2004

Bad attitude.

How do I know it's bad? I'll tell you.

Last night, the neighbors were supposed to come over and watch a movie. I thought, "Hey, I can do this. I'll sit in my recliner, pretend to watch it but really sleep, then they'll go home, and I'll go to bed. No problem." What really happened was: the neighbors showed up with bags of groceries, stormed the kitchen, and started making us dinner. And I was standing there, leaning on the door jamb and thinking, "Wtf? This is NOT what I agreed to. I wanted a nice, quiet night that involved me sitting in my recliner, nothing more." How's that for awful? When someone shows up to cook dinner, bringing their own groceries (and their own frying pan, for god's sake), you do NOT grumble.

I managed to step back, spend a few moments in the living room messing with the disc player and the Brandenburg concertos, and return to the kitchen in a slightly more grateful mood. Dinner was very good.

We watched The Whale Rider. It was a nice fairy tale, nowhere near as harsh as When We Were Warriors, but also not as shallow as critics would have you believe. Sometimes I think critics are just lazy ass journalists. If it's not spelled out for them on the screen, they're not willing to do any extra thinking to puzzle through the cultural complexities. Well, neither am I right now, but that doesn't mean they're not there.

Anyway. The young girl who played the main character did a good job, but I still think the youngest girl in Rabbit-Proof Fence is the best child actor I've ever seen. Her audition work was amazing.

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