Sunday, February 22, 2004

Message from Japan.

Sunday, 2/22/04

"...It's Sunday so I'm on my own. I walked down to Kyoto University and toured the university museum (fossils, ancient pottery). Then I walked around the Yoshida shrine that is just south of the campus, until it started to rain and I decided I should head back. Luckily it stopped before I got too wet. I just completed my first visit to a grocery store! I bought something similar to Cup o'soup to have for dinner and some yummy looking bread. I also couldn't resist the Mt. Rainier coffee and cream (cold). It was 100 yen, which I'm sure is much cheaper than Starbucks (however there's a Starbucks shop in my hotel complex so I may have to give it a try before I leave)...I had green tea ice cream the other day, which was quite refreshing...

"...Masa sent me a message today to tell me he got me tickets to the Takarazuka Revue!! It's the afternoon show on the 24th--a love story set in 19th c. Paris, though he also mentioned Cuban dancing (?). He can't go, but I guess someone will be taking me there on the train (it's somewhere between Osaka and Kobe, I believe)...."

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