Saturday, February 21, 2004

Message from Japan.

Thursday, 2/19/04

"...Yesterday was my first full day here, and it was a busy one, with visits to three ancient temples (all beautiful). I went to Kyoto University and met my host Prof. Tanaka, but he had appts all afternoon so Yuko showed me around Kyoto. The weather is perfect for sightseeing, warm and sunny (no snow!). We ended up in the southern part of the city at the Kyoto Costume Institute, where Yuko and I parted company for the day. The curator Ms. Suoh was very gracious though she may have wondered why I was there. I was able to see the storage area, which is filled with incredible clothes from the 18th c. onward (they also have a true treasure from the 16th c., an embroidered jacket owned by Queen Elizabeth I!). Then I had to get myself home to the hotel in northeastern Kyoto--a feat that required taking a train and a bus (and then I had to find the hotel after debussing!)... Anyway it's now Friday morning, and I'm waiting for Prof. Tanaka to take me to Osaka to visit the Museum of Ethnography. More later..."

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