Saturday, January 31, 2004

Numb and stupid.

Fourteen hours in bed and I still feel like death. I could elaborate, but it would take too much energy, really. I don't really want to waste my few minutes of lucidity on a whine. Especially when I could be doing homework, right?

In the past 24 hours, our phone has rang six times. That's five times more than it usually rings in a month.

It's warmer today, up to 6 degrees. I don't like it when it gets below zero, it makes me feel like vomiting whenever I go outside. Or into the freezer at work, for that matter. Hopefully we won't get anymore snow for a few days, because I'm having a hard time handling the car in our driveway. I've had to push it through the drifts more than once this week. Corollas suck with the snow.

Our neighbors are supposed to come over and watch a movie this evening. I need to clean the bathroom.

I gave up caffeine because I'm not sleeping well enough as it is, but I think I might have some coffee anyway.

Luna has energy to spare, I wish she'd let me burn some of it.

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