Sunday, February 08, 2004


My stomach seems to be recovering. It's growling, telling me to eat dinner already. I'm pretty much just waiting for the loaf of cheese-and-onion bread I made this afternoon to cool off enough to eat. That will be the test of my digestive system's hardiness, I think.

I spent the afternoon doing a minimal amount of homework, and a maximal amount of tax preparation. My big plan for 2004 is to do no freelance writing. I'm tired of the tax hassle of freelance work/home offices. Matters aren't helped at all by the fact that I had three "real" jobs in 2003, meaing three different W-2s. Thank god I have an accountant (aka "Dad") to figure it all out. I don't object at all to the concept of paying taxes; I object a lot to the bizarre calculations I have to do every year to fill out my return. But it's done, at least all the work I have to do before handing it off to my dad.

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