Thursday, February 12, 2004

Not bad.

I had an amazingly productive day, considering my e-mail was/is down. Ordinarily, I would think I was productive *because* my e-mail was down, but in this case, I could have gotten even more done had I actually received the 2 e-mails Steve sent this morning. Hours later, I'm still waiting for some test e-mail I sent to appear.

Anyway, I managed to pull myself out of bed early enough to drop Catherine off at a meeting before I went to my job interview this morning. After that I went to the public library and replenished the stack of books I'm usually too tired to read (but don't they look good sitting next to my recliner?). Had some coffee, finally finally FINALLY bought some new ink for our printer, read a little bit, did some homework. Met Steve at Sixth Street for a progress meeting, then went back to the office with him, at which point I installed a zip drive and a printer on the office manager's system. Went home, finished off the written homework for Chapter 8, then picked up Catherine from work. Took her to the mall to replace the batteries in our watches, returned home.

That probably doesn't sound like much, but usually my day off goes something like this: Sleep in. Get up, watch Perry Mason for two hours. Go back to sleep. Get up, eat dinner. Go back to sleep.

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