Thursday, March 18, 2004


So, for the past two days, I've been working on my very own project, the redemising of a retail space (currently occupied by Reebok) at an outlet mall north of the town in which I'm working. "Redemising" is the fancy way of saying "take this space and divide it into two stores, the way it was built originally." Luckily, it's pretty simple, because I've never done anything with commercial architecture (I'm enrolled in a commercial drafting class right now, but I haven't done any of the homework yet). I've gone out to the space twice in the past two days to take field measurements (sure, send the kid with the sling), and I've done a preliminary floor plan. I have to do a demolition plan, a floor plan, a reflected ceiling plan, a mechanical plan, and details. I may have to do the plumbing, I'm not sure. Anyway, tomorrow I'm in charge of the office because Louis is taking his kids to Tennessee for the weekend.

Anyway, this is the kind of nuts and bolts stuff I'll be doing for awhile. Louis is working on the really big stuff, a children's museum, a private residence with a lap pool and an observatory. I'll be making a lot of drives up to the outlet mall. Once it gets to the drafting stage, though, all projects look alike, drawing a bunch of lines and making them look good, it doesn't matter if it's a retail space, a greenhouse or a medical clinic.

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