Wednesday, March 10, 2004

i finally slept in my own bed last night. it took a lot of fussing with pillows and blankets, and it wasn't as comfortable as i wanted it to be, but my legs were tired of 24/7 on the recliner. totally looking forward to being able to just crawl in bed and sleep in any position i want, it's been so long since i've slept comfortably on my right side, and right now, i can't sleep on teh left either. soon, i hope.

also notable is the fact that i haven't fallen asleep yet today. this is the first day i've not fallen asleep in the morning or afternoon (or both). in fact, it might be the first day since the beginning of the year that i've stayed out of bed in the afternoon. i've been off the pain pills for about a day and a half, and that's a relief. i can feel my body starting to wake up, bit by bit.

not quite up to real life, though.everybody has been really great, friends calling or stopping by, driving us places, all the good stuff, but i feel a lot like i'm still in sleep mode, pretty unresponsive. nothing really interests me beyond watching perry mason re-runs in the afternoon. my attention span in minimal. i'm not in pain or drugged, but i guess i'd pretty much depleted my energy banks even before surgery, so i'm riding low right now. i'm looking forward to looking forward to things again.

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