Monday, March 29, 2004

Perhaps too much.

This was my first weekend acting like a real person, no sling. I don't know, the healing is going slower than I thought it would. I'm still sleeping at least half the time in the recliner; either I sleep there all night, or I move out there from bed when I wake up and my shoulder tells me to get the hell out of bed. You'd think it would be better by now.

Anyway, last week it was snowing, this week it is summer. The temp got up to 81 today, and we took some advantage of it. Yesterday we ran errands, then went to this hyper amateur Shakespeare production at a local tavern. The guy who played the wall and the guy who played the lion were both funny. Other than that, it was forgettable, but at least it was free. After that, we went over to the powwow for awhile. It's growing, many more dancers than last year, but maybe the variety of vendors has diminished. My favorite eagle dancer returned this year, and there were a couple other dancers that I really liked, so that's all good. After that, we went out to dinner with our neighbors.

And that would have been enough for my first weekend out, I think. Enough free motion for my shoulder, anyway. But we'd already promised to drive down to West Baden Springs with the neighbors today, so that's what we did. Three of the four of us had been there before, but there was a classic car show going on, and also more of the restoration has taken place since I'd been there last, so it was worth the admission fee. Plus, we got to show Garry and Amanda the World Famous Jug Rock, and that alone is worth a trip to the country.

Anyway...time for the recliner. I've got twelve hours before I have to get ready for work, and I'm going to spend all of them in my arm chair.

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