Friday, March 12, 2004

moving forward. did lots of stuff today. dressed myself and ran some errands w/catherine over her lunch hour. i'm used to driving with one hand, i've been doing it for months. not so used to driving a brand new car with one hand. after doing it most of the afternoon, though, i've relaxed a little about it. remembered to pick up my last paycheck (good thing). felt good enough about it to pick catherine up from work, that last corner into campus is really hard to do w/one hand, but i did it twice today.

i also folded four blankets today, which is a major accomplishment. and i dressed (but couldn't undress) myself.

after perry mason, i did some homework that i didn't get done last week, due tomorrow. also, that reminds me that i found something to look forward to. my next communications assignment is to go to a public lecture and critique the speaker. i was going to put it off for a week or two, but catherine found me a good one tomorrow afternoon. the iu hps department's spring colloquium series started awhile ago, i missed the first couple of talks, but i'm going to a lecture on kepler tomorrow. this is something to anticipate, because i've always wondered about exactly this topic in relation to kepler's first three laws. they are purely empirical--they describe the behavior of the planets, but they don't explain the reasons behind it at all. i'm really all about the 'why' of kepler--how come planets move more quickly when they're near the sun?--so it will be interesting to sort of step back and just think about the empirical evidence for the afternoon.

now i'm entertaining an ice pack on my shoulder, cussing out my web-hosting service for once again with-holding my e-mail from me. it is very reliable in the areas i don't care about (web-hosting) and never reliable in areas that matter to me (e-mail). sad that free yahoo is better than paid-for dreamhost.

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