Thursday, March 25, 2004

Lunch time.

I spent my morning drawing a section for a 19th c. farmhouse we're renovating. Crazy house, made up of an original farmhouse and at least three renovations. The drawings are driving me crazy because they're based on a set of board-drawn plans. Really nifty to look at, groovy hatch patterns, but impossible to interpret with any sort of accuracy. We're going to have to go out and do some field measurements sometime soon, but I have to have this section done today because Louis needs it for a noon meeting tomorrow.

My basic life:

Get up at 6:10. Shower, breakfast, skim the paper. Leave home at 7:00. Drive one hour, arrive at work at 8:00. Work. Go to lunch for fifteen minutes to an hour. Work. Leave for home at 5:00. Drive one hour, pick Catherine up at the university, arrive home 6:15. Attempt to do some homework while Catherine cooks dinner. Eat dinner. Watch one episode of Perry Mason while doing so. Brush my teeth while Catherine makes up my bed on the recliner. Watch random TV in the recliner until I fall asleep.

Repeat forever and ever and ever.

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