Saturday, August 03, 2002

Whew--it's after midnight and I'm still awake (not insomnia awake, just regular awake). Just got home from Indy, we went to see a Jimmy Eat World concert tonight. Very cool. Great lights and staging, very energetic performance.*

I think that we've now spent enough time in heterosexual teenage world to last us awhile, though. And there should be some sort of law against women fixing their makeup in the public bathroom. I don't want to see your grooming habits, okay? Just wash your hands and get the fuck out.

The first opening band was called "Recover," and boy, did they suck. They were like a parody of a hard-rock band. They reminded me of those boys in the 1980s that would run around in tight, black, faded AC/DC shirts and rock out in their garages. These guys all looked alike, with full heads of stringy hair, and they danced around the stage doing this Beavis and Butthead head jamming thing.

Me: It's like Kurt Cobain meets White Snake.
Catherine: If only.

As Catherine pointed out, this was one band that needed to spend more time in the garage.

The only downside of the night was this obnoxious guy wearing an obscene gay-bashing t-shirt. I wanted to just stick my foot on his ass and push him over, but didn't. I think I showed great restraint.

Wow, I'm tired. Went running this morning, then went sailing in the afternoon (after suffering through one incredibly awful haircut). Aaron was out at the lake. I can't believe someone who double-majored in computer science and telecommunications can't get a job, esp. since Diane and I will give him great references. It's nice now that he's not my student anymore, we can talk about all that junk that doesn't go over well in the work place. Like, today we were looking at my wrist splint, and he was telling me this funny story about the time he somehow hurt his wrist and it swelled up. He went to the doctor, and the doctor suggested that he was masturbating too much. Now, I know many men who are probably cradling sore wrists right now, but Aaron's a pretty bright boy and wouldn't be stupid enough to go to the doctor if that was the real problem.

Anyway, although I almost capsized the boat, I put in some good tacking and jibing practice. Aaron said he'd take me sailing in the next couple of weeks and give me a few pointers.

*As an aside, the fact that I own 3 Jimmy Eat World CDs is proof that MP3s are not destroying the music industry. I heard one Jimmy Eat World song on the radio, and kind of liked it, so I went looking for their website. I downloaded 3 different MP3s from the site, liked them so much, I instantly went out and bought 3 CDs. If I had only heard that one song, I would never have bought even one CD, 'cause I'm not going to spend $20 based on a single.

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