Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Vacation is almost here, finally. Places I plan to be:

Okanogan (where my parents and aunt live)

Twisp (camping on the river with my mom's family)

North Cascades Smokejumper Base (looking for Uncle Dale)

Okanogan National Forest (day hiking, driving with Uncle Ernie[!])

Tonasket (hometown, visiting Shawn and my cousins)

Sky Cabins (never did find anyone to share it with us)

University of Washington (obligatory visit to alma mater)

Tugboat Challenger (our favorite B&B, lots of time spent watching the boat traffic on Lake Union)

Capitol Hill (birthday dinner on Broadway)

Tillicum Village (grade school field trip 25 years after the fact)

Blake Island State Park (Catherine got the "hiker's special" so we could spend the afternoon in the fresh air)

3:07 PM

Interesting books on the "new" shelf of the Undergraduate Library:

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