Friday, August 30, 2002

I did manage to take a shower, but now I need another one!

Went to Indy to go skating this morning. The drive is getting so perilous these days, I hate tailgaters! Fear is seeing an outsized Dodge Ram bearing down on you from behind as you drive through a semi-residential district and the truck gets so close you can no longer see the little ram on the hood because it's above your head and all you can see in your rear-view mirror is the grill and you know that when you slam on the brakes because some kid runs out in front of your car the truck is going to hit you and the engine block is going to shoot forward over your back seat and rip your head off.

What the hell happened to crash compatibility? Why has the entire country sold its soul to the automotive industry? We can't even blame the Republicans for this one, because I didn't see Al "Mr. Environment" Gore do anything to stop his president from giving the automotive industry every last thing that it asked for. I tell you, I'm going to be pissed if I get decapitated by a monster truck.

3:52 PM

What my mom says when I complain about my sister's e-mail:

"I know, I know. She doesn't know how to do straight-forward anything. It's always convoluted. She has to go out round Robin Hood's barn five times before she can do anything."

3:22 PM

Things on the list to do today/this weekend:

Take a shower!
Go skating.
Bring back my keys to my old office.
Work on that philosophy assignment (no excuses anymore!)
Dinner at the Encore
Soccer game

This weekend:
Prep for class
Tour the parade of homes to look at kitchens we can't afford
Spend some time at Lowe's
Go to some open houses around town to look at kitchens we may be able to afford
Do some yard work
Clean out the car (you promised, you have to do it now)
Buy some clothes that fit
Price basketball hoops

9:31 AM

I'm done being angry now. Running may suck in general, but it's a great anger management tool. It took me 30 minutes to get over being mad, leaving me 35 minutes to totally daydream.

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