Monday, August 05, 2002

I have mixed feelings about the "Lesbians for Liberty" kiss in at the New York/Miami game this weekend. They're right on the money, the WNBA sure does like to pretend that the crowd isn't full of dykes. It's just not my preferred form of protest, I guess.

While I'm bitching, I just have to is one of the most sports content-free sites I have ever had the misfortune to visit. Who the hell cares what the players think about Anna Kournikova? I guess it's better than, they don't even bother to cover the WNBA.

I miss sportsjones :(

4:25 PM

Efficient Wood Use in Residential Construction
Building Materials and Wood Technology, UMass
Single Family Residential Construction Guide

02 Site Construction

02450 Foundation and Load-Bearing Elements

Leaning Tower of Pisa (official site)
Leaning Tower of Pisa (NOVA site)
Evaluation of Preservation Plans, Leaning Tower

02455 Driven Piles
02465 Bored Piles
02475 Caissons
02480 Foundation Walls

12:48 PM

04 Masonry - Masonry Advisory Council - National Concrete Masonry Association - The Masonry Society - Masonry Institute of America - Masonry Institute of Washington - World of Concrete - The Concrete Network

04000 Masonry
04050 Basic Masonry Materials and Methods
04060 Masonry Mortar
04070 Masonry Grout
04080 Masonry Anchorage and Reinforcement
04090 Masonry Accessories
04200 Masonry Units
04210 Clay Masonry Units
04220 Concrete Masonry Units
04230 Calcium Silicate Masonry Units
04270 Glass Masonry Units
04290 Adobe Masonry Units
04400 Stone
04410 Stone Materials
04420 Collected Stone
04430 Quarried Stone
04500 Refractories
04550 Flue Liners
04560 Combustion Chambers
04570 Castable Refractories
04580 Refractory Brick
04600 Corrosion-Resistant Masonry
04610 Chemical-Resistant Brick
04620 Vitrified Clay Liner Plates
04700 Simulated Masonry
04710 Simulated Brick
04720 Cast Stone
04730 Simulated Stone
04800 Masonry Assemblies
04810 Unit Masonry Assemblies
04820 Reinforced Unit Masonry Assemblies
04830 Non-Reinforced Unit Masonry Assemblies
04840 Prefabricated Masonry Panels
04850 Stone Assemblies
04880 Masonry Fireplaces
04900 Masonry Restoration and Cleaning
04910 Unit Masonry Restoration
04920 Stone Restoration
04930 Unit Masonry Cleaning
04940 Stone Cleaning

Monroe County Building Permits FAQ
City of Bloomington Planning Department
City of Bloomington Engineering Department
ACE Asia
City of Boulder Residential Building Guide
Metro King County, Obtaining a Residential Building Permit
Foundations: Moisture Resistant Construction
OSU Syllabus, Building Construction

12:16 PM

That's what I said.
9:56 AM

Tears and nausea. Fran brought in pictures of Ryan's car today. I don't know how it is that he's still alive, it just doesn't look possible.

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