Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Today my co-workers gave me a going-away party. It was really nice of them. They made good food and gave me a couple things, gift cards to Office Depot and Borders. I didn't even freak out about the fat content in the pound cake and ice cream.

It feels kind of strange sitting here, doing less than nothing, waiting for it to be five o'clock. Everything is packed up, even my earphones, so I can't listen to music. Mostly I am just waiting for it to be tomorrow. I hate to fly, but I am anxious to be at home. I'm really looking forward to the drive over the Cascades, and I'm looking forward to having my car window down as we drive up the valley, listening to the sprinklers in the orchards. I miss sprinklers! There is no irrigation system in Indiana, and I miss the ch-ch-ch sound of sprinklers outside my bedroom window at night. Instead, we just have those damn cicadas.

Well, it occurs to me now that maybe we won't drive up the valley, we might go over the North Cascades Highway, then over the Loop. It doesn't matter because, as they say, All Roads Lead to Tonasket.

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