Tuesday, August 06, 2002

I am very pleased to be able to write the following:

Today is my nine month anniversary. I gave up drinking Coke on November 6, 2001.

However, today is also the anniversary of the day the U.S. dropped the bomb, so there's probably not a lot to celebrate in the big picture of things.

5:40 PM

Here's a hint--don't be suddenly remembering all the projects you wanted me to do during my last week of work. If they were so important, you should have given them to me months ago when I was dying of boredom. I'm not about to do anything you want me to do for you now.
5:20 PM

Here's what annoys me. I worked really hard on a 16-page discussion on ethics for my philosophy class, and the teacher couldn't even be bothered to write anything on it besides the grade. Not even "Good Job." It's a *philosophy* course, it's supposed to involve discussion and feedback.
3:32 PM

Written on the Body was okay. It just seemed a little too ponderous, as if the author worked really, really hard to find just the right lyrical phrase. And the structure (the "body part" chapters) didn't really work for me. It wasn't a complete waste of time, but I don't think I'll be one of those people who will read it twelve times.
2:41 PM

Russian Feminism Resources
12:54 PM

I really wanted to like Emma Donoghue's Slammerkin. I enjoyed Stir-Fry when I first read it ten years ago, and was actually moved to tears by Hood. In fact, I won't read Hood again because I'll just get all freaked out that Catherine is going to die. Anyway, I wanted to like Slammerkin, and I've been making daily attempts to get through it, but it's just not holding my attention. I've never been really good at historical fiction, anyway, and the 18th century is probably my least favorite time period (well, it's competing with the entire Middle Ages for the award for "The Most Boring Time Period Known to Human Kind," but that's another diary entry). I neither empathize nor sympathize with the main character, and I'm really disappointed. Catherine is reading it now, she'll probably get along better with it, being the Tom Jones fan that she is.
11:16 AM

Just to prove that we are indeed gay, we're going to the GLBTAA summer barbeque this Saturday. And if that isn't enough to guarantee our credentials, we're even going to stay for the Tret Fure concert. Hell must be freezing over even as I type.
9:31 AM

I can't believe Coach Bennett agreed to playing in the Great Alaska Shootout. What was she thinking? The only thing worse would be playing in Hawaii. Why wear out the team in the pre-season for some pointless game 4 time zones away?

Our non-conference schedule seems weak to me, nothing like it was last year. The only real challenger outside the Big Ten is Florida State. Well, I guess I'll give the coach the benefit of the doubt, she did take up to the Big Dance last year, but geez, the Great Alaska Shootout?

Real Sports: The Authority in Women's Sports

9:23 AM

As Catherine points out, it's normal for me to get twitchy before visiting my parents. Even under normal circumstances, visiting the family stresses me out, and this visit may be unusually stressful. Combine that with being injured, a rather radical job change, financial worries, and the general state of the world, and I guess it's not so odd that I'm a little anxious.

My shorts today are funny. They are pretty long like I like them, but they look like they are made out of a mattress cover. They have vertical blue stripes just like my Grandpa Longanecker's overalls used to have.

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