Sunday, May 23, 2004

We have to stay home and stop socializing, at least for a day. That's not going to happen this weekend, though.

The in-laws left Thursday, so I finally got to sleep in my own bed. It's made such a difference. I came home from work on Thursday and pretty much went straight to bed. I'm still a little worn out, but not in so much pain.

Catherine had the entire week off, so she went to work w/me on Friday. She spent most of the day off wandering around looking at historic architecture, but we had a really nice lunch together, and I got to show her around the building we're renovating for the children's museum. It's not much too look at now, but it should be pretty nice when we're done. I didn't get a lot done Friday afternoon because Louis and I spent a few hours researching cementitious underlayment (don't ask). Old buildings can be a pain in the butt. The museum's current home page states that the building will be open by January 2005. I'm guessing that's not going to happen, but what do I know, I'm just a design assistant.

After work, we drove up to Indy for the season opener for the Fever. I'm not sure if we were just tired, or what, but the game seemed really, really boring. And not very well attended, which is a bad sign. I wish Bridget Pettis was still playing. I don't know...I think pro sports of any sort just aren't a good fit with me. It's hard to cultivate franchise loyalty when the players change season-to-season (or week to week, for that matter). I like college ball better, when you have 3 or 4 years to see a player develop. Anyway, Tamika Catchings is still the best player in the game, and the organization made a good deal for Kelly Miller, so it should be a decent season.

In other news, Brood X is finally here. I was beginning to think this cicada thing was all a hoax, despite reports from Catherine and Garry that campus was covered with them. Before today, I hadn't seen a single one, but today when we were out running at the neighborhood park, we saw tons. We heard them before we saw them, they sound like aliens have landed, quite different from the regular cicada noise. And they kept landing on us as we were running, and getting in our way. At one point, when I was gimping on ahead, Catherine let out this blood-curdling scream. I thought she was being killed, but it turns out it was just that a cicada had landed on her nose. They're about the size of my thumb, so I guess that would be startling.

Took the car in for it's first oil change (1,500 miles overdue, but who's counting?), went to the bank, bought some rabbit-proof fencing, had some coffee. Worked on a small project I'm trying to finish. Talked on the phone to a friend and possibly annoyed her by repeatedly expressing my opinion that cats cannot be trained. Hung up the phone and discovered I was supposed to be dressed and ready to go to John and Cindy's going-away part in five minutes. Had a very cute cicada on me at the party, it had one undersized wing and one regular-sized wing. I guess it was following its biological imperative because it kept trying to climb higher and higher on me. I eventually off-loaded it onto a tree so it could finish its reproductive task.

And we saw a big, cool snake while we were there.

Tomorrow we're having breakfast with friends, and I must get my hair cut. After that I am going to come home and work on some projects and hopefully spend some quality quiet time reading and relaxing on the back porch. Must put up that rabbit fence at some point, but other than that, I'm doing nothing that feels obligatory. I'm thinking I deserve a day off.

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