Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Today demonstrates exactly why the instructor for my last two design classes should be fired. I was brought in on the meeting with the structural engineer today because I'm going to be doing the structural drawings. This is a first for me, but in theory I should know how to do all the structural detailing because I just finished a course in it two weeks ago. All the things the engineer showed me looked familiar, but this morning I realized (again) I just don't have the knowledge I should have, that I would have if I could have taken the course in Bloomington from Tom. My drawings will be fine, and I'm sure I'll learn something in the process, but really, I should have learned something about this all already.

Anyway, it's a new challenge. If the building falls down, hopefully it won't be because I drew something wrong, but rather that the engineer didn't figure out his moments and elasticity coefficients properly.

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