Friday, May 16, 2003

Well, if I can't sleep tonight, it won't be from because I didn't work hard enough to wear my body out today. I'm looking forward to a good nap.

Got up, went running. Okay, a short run, but still, it was running. Came home, spent the rest of the morning turning up sod for a garden plot. Cleaned up, ate lunch, then went out to Cedar Bluff and got some flowers I couldn't really afford. Came home and finally filled in the bed around the limestone monument in our front yard. Cleaned up again, went and fed Diane's cats, went to taekwondo. Came home, cleaned up again, had dinner, and then went out to Menard's w/Gary and Amanda so we could get some 2x12s for the borders of our garden. Came home, spent a lot of time standing on the back porch alternately watching the lunar eclipse and the skunk playing in our backyard. seems unfair that I can summarize my entire busy day in a single paragraph.

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