Saturday, May 17, 2003

Damn, this is the way it always happens.

We met some really cool people, and finally managed to coordinate our schedules so we could spend some time at their house this evening. Rich and Lisa are both artists, and they have the greatest space, a lot of depth to it.

Rich is a photographer, and one of his hobbies is picking up old home movies, like at estate auctions, and having public showings of them on their porch. We went over for a private, indoors showing of a set of films of a family from New Haven, Indiana, taken in the late 1950s. Totally awesome. Melancholy, I guess, you get a real sense of your mortality, watching films of real live people who are probably dead now, but still, awesome. We just had a good time.

So, what sucks is they told us tonight they're moving to Massachusetts in a month or two. They bought some space in a converted mill for studios and apartments, so now all they have to do is sell their house here in town. We tried to be excited for them, because it's a great opportunity and they really want to do it, but what we were really thinking was, "Wait! We just found you! You can't leave yet!"


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