Saturday, May 17, 2003

Every once in awhile I do something that makes me feel good about myself.

Just got back from the dedication for Luz Maria's house, the Women's Build house. Ordinarily, I would avoid this kind of function; in fact, I didn't go to the dedication for Ricardo and Luz's house. Who wants to talk to strangers? But anyway, we went tonight because Catherine wanted to see the house, and it was actually pretty fun. Actually, pretty touching, watching a single mom being handed the keys to her own home.

As I was standing there listening to all the thank you speeches, I started tallying up all the affordable housing projects I'd worked on this year. This is my second Habitat home, and we've got three going at BRI. I start a third habitat home next weekend, and then a fourth in June. So, that's seven houses for low income individual/families. That's pretty good, and it just goes to show what a just one person can do to help out around the community.

So, anyway, I gave myself a pat on the shoulder tonight. Unusual behavior, but sometimes I think I deserve it.

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