Tuesday, August 26, 2003

What is it with band directors and drummers? If our director doesn't learn how to control his tendency to berate the percussion section, he's going to find himself with one less percussionist. My foster father was the same way, but at least I understood why. Drummers in junior high and high school are always pounding on something, they're a constant distraction. But you know, at this point, we're all adults, we don't sit back in the back and bang away at the snare just to have something to do. We're working our asses off most of the time, trying to cover 6 parts with 3 people. Brian and I both practice more than any responsible adult should, and we're both dumping money into lessons every month. We are not goof offs.

It just bites my ass that the conductor can spend 20 minutes rehearsing the clarinet section note by tedious note, but when he has to give the percussionsists five minutes of his attention, he acts as if we've committed some sort of heinous crime. Why is it if he has to spend a couple of minutes with us, we're "wasting the whole band's time," but if he spends twice that on the trumpets, they're not accused of doing the same thing? Brian seems to be able to shake it off, but I am definitely not getting paid enough to put up with this.

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