Thursday, August 21, 2003

After LaGrange, we went directly to Rome City to see Gene Stratton-Porter's second home, in Wildflower Woods, on the shores of Sylvan Lake. A brilliant house, ideally laid out to take advantage of all the daylight available. Particularly charming was the conservatory w/its dry sink. Too hot to spend too much time in the gardens.

Cabin in Wildflower Woods

Decided to drive to Garrett for no real reason, stopped in Avilla on the way for lunch at St. James Restaurant, the oldest restaurant in northern Indiana. Ended up in Auburn. A quick look around led to an hour spent in the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum. An hour wasn't enough time, so we went back the next morning. It's just a totally cool way to spend the morning, and not just for the cars. The museum building was the former administration building for the Auburn Automobile Company, complete with showrooms. A lot of the offices were laid out as if they were just waiting for everyone to come back from lunch. I especially like the drafting/clay model rooms. Looking forward to going back. Looking forward to owning an Auburn Supercharged Speedster.

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