Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Lucy looks really awful. We need to make a decision. Do we put her through the pain of a bone biopsy, or not? If we do the biopsy, and she does have a tumor, there's no treatment, we just need to decide when to let her go. If we do the biopsy and it's not a tumor, we yank all her teeth, but she may recover or she may not. The antibiotics did seem to help a little, but her head is all swollen on one side and she can't breathe very easily. We want to do everything we can for her, on the other hand, I hate to make her suffer through a bone biopsy if it's not going to get her anywhere in the end.

I am so not getting any more pets.

10:21 PM

Explain me this: why does the campus bookstore sell soldering irons, but not graph paper?
3:37 PM

Oh, and someone bid on the job and sent a quotation of $1600! What a rip off! If it takes me more than four hours to do the interior measurements, that means I'm being inefficient and/or incompetent, and I would never consider charging for that.

What Steve doesn't know is that I would have done the job for free just to have another project in my portfolio. I thought I was overcharging at $400, maybe I need to start charging $100/hour or something.

1:05 PM

Paper cut season has begun. Youch.

Well, I got the job, which means I'm going to be stressed for the next five days. Mmm...really just stressed Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I can't get in to measure the houses until Friday a.m., so there's no point in worrying about it until then. Then I've got an exam to take Friday afternoon, then I have to pick up the registration papers for Saturday's run, pick up Matty, and race to practice. Then the run Saturday morning, and then I can do the exterior and site measurements Saturday afternoon. Then Saturday evening and Sunday I'll knock out the drawings and have them done by Monday a.m.

Which begs the question--exactly when am I going to prep for next week's classes, if I have practice this evening? Thursday evening, I guess. Thursday morning I must finish correcting all this homework before I collapse under the increasing weight of my briefcase. I just worked for two hours correcting, and I'm only about 1/2 way through this week's stack.

1:02 PM

Well, I spoke too soon. Or, I thought about speaking too soon. I meant to note down yesterday that I was all but recovered from poison ivy, in that I hadn't had to get up during the night and re-dose on benadryl the night before, but alas, I was up at 3:30 this morning fumbling around for my drugs. I wouldn't care so much, but it is impossible to get back to sleep after I wake up. Insomnia is insidious--you lay awake and think all these thoughts, and then when you get up in the morning, you realize you were completely wasting your time because you were far from lucid. Last night I spent a few hours alternately trying to come up with a solution to a 3D drafting problem (never figured it out) and writing e-mails in my head. I had a couple of things to say to a couple different friends, and I thought I had it all worked out, but after I cleared my head with a shower this morning, it was apparent that if I'd sent those e-mails, everyone involved--including myself--would think I was insane.

I saw two sun dogs this morning--autumn has officially arrived.

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