Friday, September 06, 2002

Decided to take the Wise Woman's advice and try Mozilla. I have missed the little dragon! I've been suffering through Netscape 4's inability to read css because I can't stand Netscape 6. I've been assured this will be better, but I can say right now, it's jacked my blogger screen. But if that's the worst that happens, I will be a very lucky person indeed.

I used to really like HotJava, but then it was put on the end-of-life list by Sun. I tried Opera for awhile, but it never handled AV files very smoothly.

You know you're old when you lay awake at night and fondly remember old browsers you have known. DejaVu gives me the opportunity to go look at the interface for my first favorite web browser, NCSA Mosaic. Sometimes I even yearn for the days of Gopher, when I felt like a great adventurer everytime I found a new cache of goods on a previously undiscovered server at some obscure European university.

These days, the web lets everyone in, not just the geeks. And sometimes I think that rots.

1:47 PM

Well, today's the big day. I'm going to have a light lunch with Diane (less to throw up afterward), and head up to Indy. I always hate the first day. I'm worried I haven't trained hard enough. I've been chastising myself all week for eating unhealthy things--that's not how I was supposed to end the preseason!

And I absolutely dread putting on equipment over this poison ivy rash. It's going to be hell.

Positive thinking. You made it through camp, you can make it through the first practice.

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