Tuesday, September 24, 2002

I actually made dinner this evening. It wasn't much, but it did involve chopping fresh vegetables, so that should further my cause in the Be A Better Spouse contest. And I put the groceries away. And I'm going to do the dishes after I finish typing this.

A parting thought on Jonestown. I was 11 years old, in the sixth grade. We studied Jonestown in our block class (kind of like a homeroom class). We also studied the pope getting elected, dying, and a new pope getting elected (smoke through a chimney, wow). We did not, however, study the murders of Harvey Milk and George Moscone, which happened at right around the same time. Because, you know, mass murder and religion are perfectly acceptable parts of a public school curriculum, but hate crimes and queers...can't talk about any of those. That's 'cause everyone was running scared in front of the Briggs Initiative.

Speaking of Harvey Milk and Jim Jones, this is one heck of a primary source. That brass check web site is an odd one--part conspiracy theory, part progressive, part free speech agitation, part inciteful, part whack. How anybody can swing between talking about Jim Jones and a Critical Mass ride in a single breath is beyond me.

9:07 PM

That's not hockey!
2:12 PM

And probably when you're already angry and depressed, you shouldn't read old accounts of Jonestown on your lunch hour.

I swear to god someday I'm going to make good on my threat to burn all my worldly possessions and move out into the wilderness and never talk to any humans ever again.

12:50 PM


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