Sunday, July 14, 2002

Quick notes, paying a loony for 7 minutes of internet access.

We have tryouts tonight at 6:00 p.m., so I'm trying to just relax until then. I'll have a light lunch, then eat after we skate, otherwise I might just be sick.

Jenna and Amy arrived last night about 9:30, but I was already asleep. It was such a long process getting here. I got up at 2:30 a.m. Saturday morning (after not sleeping too much, went to bed at 10:00, but the vacuum/nerves combined kept me awake), took a shower, finished packing, limo pick up at 3:30. The trip was smooth until Calgary. Flew the first leg to Denver with Catherine, hard to leave her when the time came, still wish I didn't have to do so, wish she was here. *If* I come back, she has to come back with me. She would love it here, it's so beautiful, it's a shame to be indoors (I'm going right back out as soon as I finish this).

Of course, Denny forgot to tell Ty to pick me up in Calgary yesterday, so there I was, exhausted, in Calgary with no way to get to Banff. Didn't have the phone number for the rink, and was too tired to figure out how to get it (off the internet, for instance, or out of the phone book!) Had to cough up CDN $40 to take a shuttle. The women behind the counter told me they could get me to the ice rink, but the bus driver wouldn't drop me there, so I had to take a cab from the rink. Frustrating, mostly because I was so tired and I think my equipment bag weighs 200 lbs. He was pissed at me, and I was pissed at him. I accidentally clocked him with my stick bag because I didn't realize he was behind me, and he swore at me. Not a lot I could do, and really, his ticket agent shouldn't have misinformed me.

Got to the rink, chatted with Denny (impossible to stay mad at him), settled in, and met a nice woman named Kirsten. She walked into town with me, where I had a sandwich. Spent the rest of the day dozing, trying to avoid L and BBG. Thought I saw JoElla, turns out I did. That is the worst. To make up for having to deal with her, the nice woman (Jodi) from the spaghetti place last year is back, so that's good. It felt more like a family reunion today, so maybe I'm not so nervous. Going to just try and ignore JoElla, hopefully we won't be in the same group. Try to have a good attitude, give up the pride, learn what I can and take it home with me.

Went to bed about 7:00 last night, so exhausted. Got up about 8:00, went for a run on the Fenland Loop. Was completely sucking air, but my time actually improved this morning. I ran 5 K in 40 minutes. That's the best I've done (I know, it's slow for regular runners). Tweaked the problem hip flexor a little, but nothing too major. Trying to stay loose for tryouts tonight.

Went back the rink, showered, met up with Jenna and Amy briefly, then took my book and went and read in a nearby playground. Realized my back hurt, so I walked into town and read at a coffee shop in the mall. Much more comfortable, maybe not as peaceful.

Mosquitoes are awful this year, really awful. Also, it was *hot* yesterday. I packed all these warm clothes since I froze to death last year, and it turns out it is hot. The rink is full of mosquitoes! I'm already tired of being covered in bug spray.

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