Thursday, July 18, 2002

I am so tired. I realized as I was laying on my cot today that tears were leaking out of my eyes, and I wasn't even sad or upset or anything. My body is just telling me to get some rest.

My hip flexor is toast. Power skate was a little on the pointless side today because I couldn't get any strength out of my left leg. Winced every time I tried to push off. I hope it holds through the week. Had a collision in power skating, my back hurts in a different place now, so I guess that's okay. A bit disappointed because I really like quick starts and was just starting to feel confident on them, and now I just can't get going. Should I scrimmage tonight? I would like to rest, but many people are skipping, so I don't want to leave the bench short.

There is lots to say, but my tired brain is not saying it.

Some of the group is going to Lake Louise tomorrow, part of me wants to go, part of me wants to stay here and get a run in. The one person who really gets on my nerves in the locker room is going, do I need to go and be aggravated all morning? I should stay here, sleep in a little, go running. Puck handling (off ice) is cancelled because of the trip, so I could have the dry rink to myself. I'm getting pretty good at bouncing the ball on my stick, my high number is 24 right now, I think I could really get going with about 15 more minutes of practice.

Awesome to hit my backhand shot today. I really like that and my snap shot. Snap shot! Yay!

We did a lot of one-on-ones and two-on-ones today in instruction. Hard work, I only got by the defense once and missed the shot on net. I am getting better, but so is everyone else, so I still lag behind.

I think I need a nap. I *know* I need a nap.

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