Monday, July 29, 2002

i lied. it hurts a lot.
4:11 PM

Rob's "Work From Home" investigation keeps getting better and better. The epilogue is a new addition to the story. That boy. What a genius.
11:33 AM

On the positive side, getting an injection in your wrist hurts much less than getting an injection in your palm. If I was going to rank the levels of pain associated with the various injections I have received in the past 2-3 years this is how it would look (from least painful to most painful):

1. Shoulder (stings, but really doesn't hurt)
2. Spine (a lot like the shoulder)
3. Exterior of the wrist (hurts, but mostly just feels weird and unnatural)
4. Side of foot (hurts pretty damn much)
5. Bottom of foot (hurts more than words can express)
6. Palm of hand (I'd rather have it amputated)

It did hurt some today. The doctor patted me on the shoulder after he was done injecting the second vial of fluid and told me to breathe. Ordinarily I might find that a bit condescending, but under the circumstances, I guess it is a good idea to make sure your patient doesn't faint from lack of oxygen.

I expect to be running a fever by noon, since that always happens when I get a steroid injection. It dismays me that I have had so many injections that I can actually predict what my body will do afterward.

I'm not sure about this one--first I was being treated for carpal tunnel, then tendonitis, then carpal tunnel again, and now it's been diagnosed as a midcarpal instability (characterized by a midcarpal "clunk"--I don't think my wrist is supposed to stair-step that way). Anyway, I got a new splint (this makes my 5th) and I have to wear it 24/7 for 6 weeks. What a drag.

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