Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Camp is going great so far. I made it through tryouts, no real problems. Well, of course there were problems (namely, crossovers), but I didn't die of humiliation. And I am skating with the the C group (adults), which is good deal for me. Jenna seemed to be so sure I would be bounced back to the beginner group, so I am very pleased to be a better skater than she thought I was.

Already it is all blurred together. Hours on the ice, hours off the ice. I've developed a decent snap shot and also a decent backhand shot. Still have a lame wrist shot, not even working on the slap shot (no point). Doing better on the crossover drill, suck big time on the grapevine. Two good female coaches, players from Dartmouth, they kind of counterbalance the Messier maleness. Scrimmages have been kind of chaotic, same as last year, hard to keep lines together because a different number of people always show up.

It is the same, if I can get through instruction, then I am fine the rest of the day. The schedule this year is much different, we don't finish our scrimmage until 11:45 p.m., makes it difficult to get enough sleep, I'm jazzed when I get off the ice just before midnight. The kids have already been yelled at and are now quiet at night.

My archnemesis went home early, don't know why--family emergency? I have to admit, it will be an easier camp without her scowling at me. Generally the locker room is fun, a couple of personality conflicts, but also a lot of good people. I feel pretty good, pretty optimistic.

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