Sunday, January 04, 2004


Yesterday we drove down to the Falls of the Ohio. It's really a trip to be taken in the summertime, otherwise the river runs too high and covers the fossil beds. But Catherine wanted to go down before the Lewis and Clark exhibit is taken down later this spring, so we made the drive. Spent a little time walking along the levee, watch a couple of films on the ice and and the Corps of Discovery, and then drove home. It started raining just as we were leaving, and the radio announced floodwatches until further notice. Probably shouldn't be walking along the banks of the Ohio in flood season, I guess.

More water here than we've seen in the five years since we've had our house. The creek is over its banks, our back yard is looking rather like a lake, our neighbor's back yard is looking rather like a Great Lake. The sump pump has been running non-stop, and the drain we had put in the floor of the basement is apparently doing what it does best, draining flood waters. The creek is more likely to flood to the south than the north, so we're not in any danger of floating away, so as long as our basement eventually dries out, it's all okay, I guess.

Other uses for water: Of the half-dozen watercolors I've churned out this week, Catherine chose this one for her birthday present:

City Gate

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