Monday, April 12, 2004

Thank god for Chinese food.

Otherwise I might have had to cook dinner tonight, since I was stupid enough to volunteer to do it.

Spent a good chunk of the early evening trying to figure out a way to visit our families this summer. I haven't seen my parents in over a year now, so we've really got to do it soon. My tax refund is marked for airfare, and we'll worry about the rest of the expenses later.

One thing we'd like to be able to do is take an extra day between visiting Catherine's parents and visiting mine and spend the night in Goldendale, WA. And no, I'm not crazy. It's just that there's an observatory in Goldendale, and I've never been there. It has public programs Wed-Sun in the summer, and I think we might be able to fit it in, both financially and temporally. That would be really, really cool. We both want to do it so much we actually got into an argument about it tonight because we were both thinking we couldn't do it and were disappointed and grouchy.

Some day when we've got all the time and money in the world, we're going to run around the country visiting cool astronomy sites (this was Catherine's idea, I swear). I would really like to tour the Very Large Array, and it would be cool to go to places like Kitt Peak. And apparently there's a growing B&B industry, with places like this that cater to astronomy folk. If only we were millionaires.

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