Saturday, April 10, 2004

Of interest only to me.

The only thing to write about these days is work, I suppose, but I don't think most people would find a discussion on demising walls in retail spaces very interesting, so there's no point in typing it out. Today I finished the Reebok redemise and the Eddie Bauer demise/interiors, and now I can move onto other things. Hopefully Monday our attention will be returned fully to the children's museum project, but there are a few other little projects hovering just outside our peripheral vision.

Anyway. I apparently have a good work ethic for this type of work, in that I tend to sit in front of the computer and point and click and point and click until the whole design is finished. At least my boss thinks I'm doing a good job. I was kind of wondering, at one point this week he really seemed to be saying that I needed to be working more quickly, but I guess he's over that. I feel like I got an incredible amount of work done in five days, but I could be wrong, I'm not sure what his expectations really are.

Other than that, I'm spending a whole lot of time not thinking. Focus for 8-9 hours of work, semi-focus for the commute, out of focus at all other times. This is probably how most people go through life, taking care of the work day and letting the rest go, to be taken care of by someone else who cares a little bit more about the world.

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