Thursday, April 15, 2004

Not a stellar performance.

So, yesterday I made my first real mistake at work. Louis was completely cool about it because it was mostly understandable, but the end result was: I lost all the work I did for Eddie Bauer on Monday afternoon. We opened the file to make one small change before overnighting one last set of construction documents to the corporate office, and realized none of the changes I had made earlier were there. It took us a long time--and a 3 a.m. revelation on my part--to realize what happened, and I don't feel too bad about it now that I understand how it happened, but I was a little stressed yesterday afternoon trying to redo all the work. Not just re-do the work, but plot the drawings, run them to the blueprint shop for copies, print out transmittals and Fed Ex forms, pick up the copies, and get four sets in the Fed Ex box before 5:00. Since it was after 1:00 when we realized I had lost the work from Monday, it was a tough task. I wasn't sure I was going to make it, especially since I didn't even leave for the blueprint shop until 4:15, but the guy at Roseberry's was very cool and instantly went to work running me 9 sets of bluelines. So I thank him very much.

This afternoon I made the world's most boring document, a door inventory for the children's museum. We're applying for a grant to make the renovated building handicapped accessible, and as part of it, we have to send in an inventory of every existing door, with description, date and a photograph. So, I photographed 45 boring white doors today, which is such a waste of time, since only two of the existing doors will exist in the new building. I guess they want to make sure we aren't tearing out something historic, but you'd think we could write a general note covering them all, saying, "There are 45 c. 1985 residential grade hollow-core doors in poor condition here. We're not keeping them." Anyway, tomorrow I get to write the documentation in narrative form, plus respond to a whole bunch of other grant-proposal kind of things. Something new, but not necessarily something exciting.

The street outside the office is covered with blossom petals, blown by a warm spring wind from nearby cherry trees.

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