Saturday, December 13, 2003

Caught up with me.

I've been congested for weeks, feeling like I was fighting off a cold. But everyone at work is the same way, especially the dough makers, from breathing in so much flour. I don't get quite as much as they do, but I'm next in line for flour inhalation problems. After work, you just go home and try to blow out your nose and wish for clear lungs, then go back and start over again the next day. I've had a slow nosebleed for at least two weeks now, and I guess I'm blaming that on the job, too.

Anyway, I think the common cold is finally taking over. Surely flour can't make your ears itch or glands swell. Lucky for me, it's the weekend. I earned several spousal points today by dragging myself out into the cold to take Catherine to the Institute because the climate control alarm was going off. Probably I would have only earned one or two on an ordinary day, but since I'm obviously sick, I think I kicked it up to ten or eleven, so it's all good.

I'm not shoveling snow, though.

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