Monday, December 01, 2003


A couple of days ago, la malinchista pointed out that a number of "thoughtful, progressive political blogs" have taken up residence on the web. And, of course, she's right, and I'm glad she keeps track of them because I pretty much lack focus when it comes to current events. I am so not interested in being a U.S. citizen that I tend to forget to keep track of what other Americans are doing. It's good that there are people reminding me to pay attention every now and again.

But what I was thinking as I was poking through some left-ish news site this weekend was that I don't really need to read any more progressive political blogs. What I really want to read is a well-written right-leaning blog/journal. It's nice to read the writing of people who are of the same general political orientation as I am--safety in numbers and all that--but on the other hand, it would be nice to be challenged by an opposing view that actually required me to work intellectually. It is child's play to poke logical holes in the center-to-right-leaning blogs I've found. I know the Limbaugh-esque drivel I've seen isn't the only way to represent conservativism, so where is the good stuff?

I really want to know. I'm not so confident in my own political opinions that I'm not willing to reconsider them (well, some of them, anyway). I'm always willing to mix and match if I think it works. But I need material with which to work, and I'm not seeing it in any of the right-wing rhetoric I'm being forced to endure. I'm definitely open to suggestions, so feel free to send me some.

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