Sunday, November 24, 2002


This exam is closed book, closed note. No outside resources are allowed. Anyone caught cheating will be automatically expelled from Susan's life.

Multiple Choice (5 points each).

1. Susan is:

a) Angry
b) Hurt
c) Disappointed
d) Surprised
e) All of the above

2. Susan should have:

a) Known better
b) Not cared one way or the other
c) Learned her lesson last time
d) Both a) and c)

True or False (2 points each).

3. ___ Susan is over-reacting.

4. ___ Susan is tired of pretending she doesn't care.

5. ___ Susan is accustomed to lying to protect herself.

Essay (20 points).

In your own words, outline a solution to Susan's dilemma. Be specific! A complete answer will cite relevant examples to support your argument.

Extra Credit (6 points).

List three good reasons why Susan should care about any of this at all.

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