Saturday, March 15, 2008

But you said!

Mmmm....changing minds, the bane of the graduate student's existence.

I've finished one exam. When I sat back, I thought, "Okay, I think I passed." But just a couple of minutes later, I realized I'd left a big theoretical whole right.....*there*. And then I realized I'd left another one...*over there*. And so on. A friend of mine who is also a faculty member told me that's how all qualifying exams work. She says the point is that I sat in my library carrel and read what I was supposed to read, not that I turned out a perfect exam. There's no second reader for this thing, so I'm going to have to hope the my minor field advisor thinks the same way my friend does.


Looking ahead (definitely not forward to) to the next exam, trying to convince myself it's not just a pointless hazing ritual. Because I really think it is, no matter what anyone else says.

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