Sunday, March 02, 2008

Titles, too?

As everyone with internet access knows, Blogger gives their users the option to label entries so faithful readers can sort and search by category. I thought about assigning labels to my own entries, then I realized that everything I write falls under the "How to tell you've fucked up your life" label. Maybe one day I'll branch out into another category, but for now, I'm sure everyone is happy that they don't have to sort through "Work," "Hobbies," or "Family Life" to get to the minutiae of my life.

So, continuing on this theme, here is a new entry to be filed under "How to tell you've fucked up your life." If you're ordering checks, and you choose a background design based on what you think your therapist is going to think about your checks when you pay her every week, well...obviously, you've fucked up your life.

I'm just saying.

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