Sunday, June 27, 2004

This post is really by Catherine, although she demurred when I offered to let her sit down and type it herself.

After it got dark this evening, we took a star chart and walked over the the park. It wasn't ideal viewing, the park lights were overpowering, and there's a half-moon in the sky, but we still managed to do a little star-hopping. This is especially exciting for Catherine, since she's never spent any time with the constellations. We found:

Ursa Major
Ursa Minor
Vega in Lyra
Deneb in Cyngus
Arcturus in Bootes
Canes Venatici
Corona Borealis
Great Square of Pegasus

and on the way home, Scorpius

There must be a word for those people walk down a sidewalk in the middle of the night, trying to read an astronomy magazine in the dark. A word other than "dorks," I mean.

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