Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Nothing feels quite right at the moment. Some of it's physical, some of it's mental, all of it is tedious. Time to just dig in and force my way through life for bit, regardless of how I feel about it all.

Work has been slow. We've been at a standstill design-wise on the museum, pending further discussion with the State Historic Preservation Office. Luckily, we meet with them tomorrow, and hopefully things will start happening again. I've been working--sort of--on a landscape project this week. It's amazing how difficult it is to site a pool properly on an essentially empty lot. Anyway, the best part about the project is the observatory we're adding to the property. I spent a lot of time today surfing the web, looking at other backyard observatories around the world.

Catherine is making pineapple salsa pizza again tonight. I'm really hungry.

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