Friday, June 04, 2004

I can't believe how often I have to call Ameritech about our phone line. Out of order again. Even when it's in order, the quality of the line is terrible. We can hear other people talking, music, static and about a dozen other noises during every phone call. If I could figure out how to afford a cable modem, I'd abandon our phone line completely.

My leg is starting to look better, so the antibiotics must be doing something other than making me feel sick to my stomach.

Damn, I just realized I left the site plan and notebook I need in the car. Spent all yesterday morning out surveying two residential lots for a pool/landscape project we're doing. First time I've used an engineer's level. It's not very complicated, but you have to have a detail-oriented assistant. I apparently did not (I borrowed someone from another office), since Louis and I had to go back out a second time at the end of the work day to re-take some measurements.

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