Friday, September 19, 2003 I told one of the delivery drivers at work to fuck off. I don't think I've ever told anyone in my life to fuck off, especially no one at work. So, that was a first. Actually, I said a lot more than just fuck off, but I can't remember all the profanity verbatim. He came into the dough room and asked who was prime rolling, and I said I was, and he went off on how my trays were supposed be straightened by the time he came to pick them up. Jay jumped up and said he'd show me how to do it--I'm still in training after all, and I don't have everything down yet--but the driver kept ragging on me while Jay was helping me. He was all "You just cost everyone three and a half cents in production bonus because we had to stop and do this," and that was so wrong, because I'm still in training and my hours don't count against his bonus. He should wish they did, because I've been doing a good job at prime rolling. I started to point that out to him, and he said, "Well, I expect the rest of the trays to be downstacked by the time I get back from my delivery run," as if he was my boss or supervisor or anyone besides a fucking delivery driver.

So, I let him have it. Told him to fuck off, quit being such a fucking jerk, blah blah blah, and walked out of the walk-in cooler more or less yelling, "Jesus Fucking Christ!" And the guys in the dough room thought that was pretty damn funny. Rory said, "The thing you gotta know, Susan, is that he's an asshole, you just gotta get used to it." And my answer was, "He can be an asshole all he wants, but not around me because I'm not getting paid enough to put up with that crap. He wants to be an asshole, he can take it somewhere else."

I now have a solid reputation with the punk rock boys. Jay said he'd put five bucks on me in a fight against anyone,and that he thought it was the right move, if I'd just kept quiet and walked out, the driver would have just nagged me about something else the next time. And Rory said now everyone knows--don't fuck with Susan, 'cause she'll kick your ass.

Once I calmed down, I was really embarrassed, I mean, how immature can you get, cussing out a delivery driver in the cooler? Not to mention the fact that this is exactly how you lose a job. But on the other hand, he won't mess with me ever again. And he did come back later in the afternoon and apologize, saying he was just joking. I accepted that lie and his apology, and we're all good now. Just don't fuck with me, man.

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