Sunday, September 07, 2003 sports. The WNBA is fine, but I definitely prefer college athletics to professional. Went to watch IU play volleyball this evening (IU lost in the tiebreak, fifth game), just nice to be back in the gym. Except for that same stupid guy from last year, sitting in the first row hassling the refs. At a volleyball game! Who heckles refs at a volleyball game. Such a loser.

And then we splurged and went to Steak'n'Shake. Wild night on the town, we were out until AFTER ELEVEN O'CLOCK! Well, that is late, considering I had to get up early for Habitat this morning. Still, you know you're old when going out for a peach milkshake after dark seems like a crazy idea.

Catherine snagged a miniature volleyball at the game, and when we got home, we played two-square in the living room. I can say with some authority that I am the reigning squareball champion in our household. Next time I'm putting money on our game.

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