Sunday, July 08, 2007

This seems to be my week for getting beat up. Yesterday, I suffered my first real, physical "eve-teasing" (what an incredibly stupid phrase). Before yesterday, I've had the odd guy hiss or whistle or yell at me, or even make truly inappropriate motions toward me. This happened a lot a lot last year, in fact. However, this is the first time a man has actually touched me. When we were walking in the neighborhood of the Tal Katora yesterday afternoon, two boys grabbed me as they were passing by me in a car, by the wrist and the hip. The guy who had my wrist didn't let go until the forward motion of the car made him let go. Yesterday, I was pissed off at them for violating my personal space, and for touching my body without permission. Today, I'm pissed off because they actually hurt me. What a dangerous thing, grabbing someone through the window of a moving vehicle. I wrenched my back and my wrist--or, I should say, they wrenched my back and wrist. It's not serious, but it's enough to constantly remind me that I'm angry at them. It ruined my good mood yesterday, and I scowled at or scolded every boy who came near me the rest of the day. I'm over that today, but there's still some residual anger lingering somewhere in the vicinity of my lower back.

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