Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Mm. I thought I would feel better after turning in my last paper, but it turns out...not. Catherine says she used to feel the same way, it's just a transition from "Oh my god, I'm not going to get it finished in time!" to "Oh my god, they're reading that garbage I wrote RIGHT NOW!" Maybe I'll calm down after I take my final on Friday.

All things considered, I think I produced a lot of work this semester, not that much of it will help me in the long run. This is the last time I take a class just because it seems like a politically smart thing to do. Proven: "politically smart" isn't the same thing as "interesting subject." And really, whoever it was who said EVERY subject is interesting if you approach it with the right attitude really hasn't spent enough time in graduate school.

So...what can we say I accomplished this semester? A total of 5 seminar presentations, with handouts and slides to support. Seven response essays. One short research paper (Title: "The Crystal Palace and Postmodern Architectural Theory"). Two informal Hindi class presentations (joke). Three research papers (Titles: "Frank Lloyd Wright, Francis C. Sullivan and the Banff Park Recreation Pavilion, 1911-1913"; "Always Already Lost: Postcolonial Theory and the Search for Identity in Indian Architecture"; and "Vastu Vidya: Vedic Architectural Theory in Postmodern India." Notice a trend?) supported with three research presentations. All three presentations were disastrous. As we all know, after the first one, I ended up in therapy. After the second, I ended up crying. After the third, I ended up not caring about much of anything at all.

Two days to my final, on which I must get 100%. I obviously don't have time to be typing this at all, do I?

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