Thursday, December 22, 2005

I'm sure everybody--and by "everybody," I mean "Catherine"--will be glad to know I've unwound just a bit this week. I have been so uptight the past four weeks that I've been like...I don't know, rapidly cooling blown glass? You should be hiding behind a protective shield because you know I'm about to shatter into a thousand incredibly sharp pieces ANY SECOND NOW. But I've been more or less relaxing this week (I can't seem to completely stop working as long as I know a due date is approaching) and it's probably doing everyone some good. An example: last night, instead of spending even more hours in front of the computer searching for resources on the discourse of non-western science (yes, that's a hint, if you know of any good ones, e-mail me), I sat on the couch with a glass of sherry and read Stave 1 of Dickens' A Christmas Carol to Catherine. Every year I am amazed at how well the Muppets captured the language of the original. Good job, Gonzo.

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